Our Doctors

Dr Tanzeel Ahmed Shah


Dr Tanzeel Ahmed Shah is a specialist in General Practice and an Australian-based General Practitioner. He has attained his FRACGP (Fellowship  of Royal Australian College of General Practitioner) degree in 2022. He attained his MBBS from Dow Medical College in 2003. Dr. Shah is passionate about general medicine and excels in providing comprehensive care to patients affected by heart and lung conditions. His unwavering commitment to medical excellence ensures the utmost quality in patient care.

Special Interest:  His special interest in Men’s Health, Chronic Disease and Mental Health. Dr Tanzeel also provides service of Wound care, Dressing, travel vaccination and  childhood immunisation.

Hobby:  He likes to spend time with his children. His hobby is to play cricket.

Language: Can speak in English, Urdu and Hindi.


Dr Shumaila Yaseen


Dr Shumaila Yaseen is a specialist in General Practice with over 12 years of experience in family medicine, including 9 years of practice in Australia as a General Practitioner. Dr Yaseen completed her Diploma in Child Health (DCH) with the University of Sydney in 2018, and completed her FRACGP in 2019 with Royal Australian College of General Practitioner. She has completed Professional Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine and professional certificate of Aesthetic medicine assured by Bond University of QLD. She has also done the Combined Foundation Advanced Botox and Dermal Filler Course from Derma Institute Australia.

Special Interest:

Dr Yaseen’s special areas of interest include women’s health, children’s health, chronic disease management, skin cancer, and aesthetics dermatology.

Dr Yaseen is now offering Mirena & Kyleena intrauterine contraceptive device (IUCD) insertion and removal. In addition to her expertise in contraceptive care, she also offers shared maternity care with Werribee Marcy, Sunshine Hospital, & The Royal Woman’s Hospital, ensuring the highest standard of care for expectant mothers. She also provides comprehensive treatment for patients experiencing menopausal and peri-menopausal symptoms.

Dr Yaseen also offers iron infusions and minor procedures including skin cancer surgery.

Hobby: Dr Yaseen enjoys travelling, baking, and gardening.

Language: Can speak English, Urdu and Hindi.

Aesthetic Dermatology Bookings: Click here to book Aesthetic Dermatology appointments. 


Dr Nazia Huq


Dr Nazia is an experienced General Practitioner who is dedicated to the overall well-being of her patients. She has experience in providing care for areas of Mental Health as well as Children and Women’s Health. Dr. Nazia is proficient in minor surgical procedures, including the meticulous suturing of small lacerations, wound care, dressing, and the proficient management of minor fractures, including plaster application and removal.

Special Interest:  Dr. Nazia’s special interests extend to the management of chronic diseases, where she excels in crafting comprehensive and effective care plans. She is also well-versed in family planning and hormone replacement therapy, further enhancing her capability to provide tailored healthcare solutions to her patients.

Language: Can speak in English and Bangla.

Hobby: Reading , and singing


Dr Shah Showkot Hossain


Dr Shah Showkot Hossain is a specialist in General Practice with over 30 years of experience as a doctor. With extensive professional experience both internationally, including South Africa, and over 22 years of dedicated service in the field of General Practice in Australia, Dr Hossain brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his practice.

Dr. Hossain’s unique skills extend to the proficient removal of skin cysts, lipomas, and skin tumors, demonstrating his surgical finesse and commitment to patient well-being. Additionally, he specializes in the management of chronic conditions such as hypertension, further enhancing his ability to deliver comprehensive healthcare solutions.

Dr. Hossain’s enduring dedication to the field of medicine ensures that his patients receive the highest standard of care, making him an exemplary choice for healthcare needs.

Special Interest:

Dr. Hossain’s years of experience has allowed him to develop a wide array of special interests and expertise in Skin Cancer Surgery, Men’s  Health, Women’s Health, Mental Health issues acute and chronic conditions, Fracture management, Joint problems, laceration repair in  practice.  He provides travel vaccinations,  including tuberculosis vaccinations, children vaccination, and provides procedures such as iron infusions, Implanon insertions and removal, removal of IUCD.

Language: Can speak in English and Bangla

Hobby: Reading and Cooking



Dr AKM Junaid Tanveer


Dr. AKM Junaid Tanveer is a highly experienced and dedicated general practitioner, with a particular focus on children’s health, the management of chronic diseases, and the treatment of fractures.

Special Interests: Dr Tanveer’s special interests underscore his commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare services, including expertise in chronic disease management, child health, travel vaccination, children’s immunisation, as well as wound care and suturing.

Language: English and Bangla

Hobby: Basket ball , Cricket and travelling.


Dr Monirul Haque

MBBS; M Fam Med; FRACGP; Honorary FACRRM

Dr. Haque is a distinguished General Practice specialist with an extensive and illustrious career. He holds a Masters in Family Medicine and Primary Care from the University of Cape Town.
Dr. Haque’s professional journey spans two decades, during which he has practiced medicine in diverse global regions including Asia, Africa, and Australia, where he has dedicated the past 19 years to delivering exemplary patient care.

In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Haque is deeply involved in medical education and research through his work as a senior clinical lecturer at Deakin University, where he imparts his wealth of knowledge and expertise to medical students and aspiring General Practice doctors. His contributions to the field of medicine are also evident in his Medline-listed published medical articles.

Dr. Haque is also an honorary Fellow in the Department of General Practice at The University of Melbourne, and a member of the RACGP Victoria Council. These affiliations underscore his dedication to advancing medical knowledge and ensuring the highest standards of healthcare in the community.

Special Interest: Dr. Haque’s special interests include; Men’s Health, Dermatology, including the diagnosis and treatment of Skin Disease and Skin Cancer, as well as the adept management of Chronic Diseases and Pediatric Health. Dr. Haque also offers specialised services for smoking cessation and oversees a dedicated Weight Management Clinic, ensuring a comprehensive approach to patient well-being.

Language: English and Bangla

Hobby: Travelling


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